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93: Episode 93: Real Talk 8-21-2021

Maaske Real Estate
Maaske Real Estate
93: Episode 93: Real Talk 8-21-2021

You can log it, graze it, thin it or let it burn down.  California’s forest management of choice seems to be letting our forests burn.  What will cities look like in future if the state passes new laws increasing density in every neighborhood?  How high can home prices go?  Kaweah Delta’s emergency room is at capacity.  It is not from Covid patients as local newspaper headlines suggest.  We talk about all of this and more on Today’s Real Talk.  Real Talk is the Right Side of Real Estate!

Real Talk with Brad Maaske

Brad Maaske brings to his clients a wealth of knowledge and experience in the real estate field as he has assisted and represented hundreds of South Valley families throughout his career. Brad has over 40 years of experience in Real Estate, Construction and Property Management. You can reach Brad at 559-732-4444

August 21, 2021

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  1. Bobby Lovelace

    I enjoy your show, I been listening for years before you ran for office. I feel like it’s my show, born in Fresno grew up in auberry, and you are correct in what’s happened in Forest management,water,reality. I moved to Alabama in 2017 for freedom and sanity, plus my only child moved here and I was not going to retire California. I’m 60 and debt free now. California is beautiful and great growing up, but it stands for everything wrong with our Republic. Again big fan of the show, and we all must continue the battle for freedom. God less and thank you. Bobby


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