Real Talk With Brad Maaske

102: Episode 102: Real Talk 10-9-2021

102: Episode 102: Real Talk 10-9-2021

Is it right vs left or good vs evil today in America?  Do California school children have to take the Covid vaccination to attend schools?  How will giving buyers $20,000 for down payments as proposed in the “build back better” $3,5 trillion dollar budget plan effect home prices?  We discuss this and more in Today’s Real Talk.  Real Talk is the Right side of Real Estate.

Real Talk with Brad Maaske

Brad Maaske brings to his clients a wealth of knowledge and experience in the real estate field as he has assisted and represented hundreds of South Valley families throughout his career. Brad has over 40 years of experience in Real Estate, Construction and Property Management. You can reach Brad at 559-732-4444

October 9, 2021


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